Risk Level: Three - Caution

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There is ongoing fighting between a rebel group and the Rwandan military in the North Kivu province - along the border between Congo DRC and Rwanda. While there are no active airspace warnings here (the FZZA/Kinshasa and HYRY/Kigali FIRs), the area should be considered an active conflict zone, with risk to civilian aircraft at low level or on the ground.

Major events:
Feb 2024: A parked civilian aircraft at FZNA/Goma was damaged by at least one bomb dropped from a drone. Looks like military aircraft were being targeted.
Jan 2023: The Rwandan military shot at a fighter jet from the Congo DRC which they claimed had busted Rwandan airspace near FZNA/Goma. Reports suggest the aircraft was hit by a man portable air defence system (MANPAD) at low level - the jet landed safely but sustained heavy damage.

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