Risk Level: Two - Danger exists

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Nov 2020: Major escalation of the conflict in the Tigray region, along the Ethiopia/Eritrea border. Some airways have been closed by the Ethiopian and Sudanese CAAs. Other airways that are still open are very close to the Conflict Zone. These are frequently used by international operators on the Europe- East Africa route. In particular: UN321, UG300 and UL432. Multiple airports have been targeted by rockets. Missiles were fired across the border into Eritrea, targeting HHAS/Asmara. Within Ethiopia, HABD/Bahir Dar and HAGN/Gondar were also targeted.

Sep 2018: Risk due to hidden ATC strike. Ethiopian ATC controllers went on strike, and the ECAA and Ethiopian Airlines recruited both retired and foreign controllers to pick up the slack. Ethiopia denied several times that there was in fact a strike happening at all. The strike ended September 7th. Many were not qualified to operate in Ethiopian airspace, due to inexperience.

Current warnings list :

Source Reference Issued Valid to
OPSGROUP Airspace Risk Warning ARW11-2020 17 Nov 2020 Ongoing
Ethiopia Notam HAAA A0378/20 A0377/20 A0376/20 05 Nov 2020 05 Dec 2020
KACTA Letter of Concern Safety Issues in Ethiopia 30 Aug 2018 07 Sep 2018
OPSGROUP Research Article Ethiopia Covering Up ATC Strike 29 Aug 2018 07 Sep 2018
Issued: 17-Nov-20, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: Airspace Risk warning for Ethiopia/Eritrea - Tigray Conflict Zone. Risk to overflights on adjacent airways, and airports in region.
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Source: Ethiopia
Issued: 05-Nov-20, valid until: 05 Dec 2020
Plain English: Closed airspace in the north of the country due to ongoing conflict. All aircraft transiting between the HAAA/Addis Ababa and HHAA/Asmara FIRs must do so via BOPSA.
HAAA A0378/20 - ALL TFC BTN ASMERA FIR AND ADDIS ABABA FIR RELEASED VIA BOPSA(1312N041498E. 05 NOV 11:00 2020 UNTIL 05 DEC 10:00 2020. CREATED: 05 NOV 14:51 2020

HAAA A0377/20 - T124/UT124 FROM LABLA TO ALRAP CLSD. 04 NOV 06:30 2020 UNTIL 04 DEC 06:30 2020. CREATED: 04 NOV 07:16 2020

HAAA A0376/20 - M308/UM308 FROM RANSO TO KONET CLSD. 04 NOV 06:30 2020 UNTIL 04 DEC 06:30 2020. CREATED: 04 NOV 07:15 2020
Source: KACTA
Issued: 30-Aug-18, valid until: 07 Sep 2018
Plain English: Kenyan ATC Controllers have listed out several major issues with safety both in Ethiopia and in the area shared with Kenyan airspace.
Issued: 29-Aug-18, valid until: 07 Sep 2018
Plain English: Ethiopian ATC Controllers went on strike, and ECAA and Ethiopian Airlines used foreign and retired controllers to cover, causing safety concerns.
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