Risk Level: Three - Caution

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On Sep 12, 2022, there were renewed border clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia - the worst flare-up in hostilities since the war ended in 2020. The waypoints along the border between the two countries (VETEN, PEMAN, ELSIV, MATAL) were temporarily closed on Sep 13, but reopened the next day, after Russia said it brokered a ceasefire to end the fighting. Some flights between Europe and Asia are still overflying the border region again, whilst others are continuing to detour through Georgian airspace to the north (the UGGG/Tbilisi FIR), avoiding Azerbaijan.

Several foreign airspace warnings for Armenia or Azerbaijan were withdrawn at the end of the war in 2020. Following recent events in Sep 2022, only Canada has issued a new airspace warning (for both countries) advising caution due to potential risk from anti-aviation weaponry and military ops.

The primary risk is from any further large-scale ceasefire violations involving missiles or anti-aircraft weaponry, which may present a risk to overflights in the border region.

Major events:
Sep 2022: Clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia temporarily closed all border waypoints.
Sep/Oct 2020: Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan led to large sections of closed airspace along the northern border. Azerbaijan warned of threat posed by long-range missiles which they claimed Armenia had been using to target locations throughout Azerbaijan. Germany and France issued airspace warnings of a potential risk to aviation from military operations including anti aviation weaponry.

Current warnings list :

Source Reference Issued Valid to
Canada AIC 3/23 15 Sep 2022 Ongoing
Source: Canada
Reference: AIC 3/23
Issued: 15-Sep-22, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: Caution advised to Canadian operators in the airspace of Azerbaijan due to potential risk from anti-aviation weaponry and military ops.
Level 1 (Information)
SECURITY – HAZARDOUS SITUATION IN ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN. Canadian air operators and owners of aircraft registered in Canada are advised to take all potential risk information into account in their risk assessment and routing decisions when operating in FIR Yerevan Zvartnots (UDDD), and FIR Baku (UBBA). Potential risks from anti-aviation weaponry and military activity along the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan