Risk Level: No Warnings

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Border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan officially ended with a peace agreement in Nov 2020. All airspace has reopened, and Azerbaijan has cancelled its Notam warning operators of the threat posed by long-range missiles. All foreign countries have rescinded their airspace warnings for both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The primary risk is from any large-scale ceasefire violations involving missiles or anti-aircraft weaponry. So far, we have not seen anything like this - just minor skirmishes on the ground in the Nagorno-Karabakh region along the southern border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Major events: Sep/Oct 2020: Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan led to large sections of closed airspace along the northern border. UBBA/Baku issued a Notam warning of threat posed by long-range missiles which they claimed Armenia had been using to target locations throughout Azerbaijan. Germany issued Notams warning of a potential risk to aviation from military operations including anti aviation weaponry. Dec 2020: Direct crossing traffic is now technically possible again.

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