Risk Level: One - Do Not Fly

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US and allied forces pulled out of Afghanistan in Aug 2021, and the Taliban took control of the country. Afghanistan’s airspace now has no ATC service - the OAKX/Kabul FIR is uncontrolled Class G airspace, and overflying traffic should route around the country.

Some countries say that overflights should only be on airways P500 and G500 in the far east of the OAKX/Kabul FIR. The US and France permit overflights across the entire FIR at and above FL320. Overflights must be on specific contingency routes.

The primary risks are direct and indirect fire targeting airports and from surface-to-air fire targeting aircraft operating at low altitudes. Additionally, the conflict has resulted in no ATC service across the country's airspace and an extreme threat to aircraft and crew safety and security on the ground.

Major events:
Aug 2021: US and allied military evacuations have finished at OAKB/Kabul airport. It is now under Taliban control. The FAA advises that there are no longer any ATC services available here, along with the entire OAKX/Kabul FIR.

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Current warnings list :

Source Reference Issued Valid to
Germany AIC 15/23 06 Oct 2023 Ongoing
France AIC 17/23 28 Sep 2023 Ongoing
USA SFAR 119 25 Jul 2023 Ongoing
Italy AIC 33/23 10 Jul 2023 05 Oct 2024
Canada AIC 23/23 28 Jul 2021 Ongoing
UK UK AIP ENR 1.1 (1.4.5) 08 Oct 2015 Ongoing
Source: Germany
Reference: AIC 15/23
Issued: 06-Oct-23, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: German operators should not enter the OAKX/Kabul FIR below FL330.
Level 2 warning (medium). Civil German air operators are recommended not to enter FIR KABUL (OAKX) below FL330. Potential risk from terrorist attacks, anti-aviation weaponry and missing civil-military air traffic coordination.
Source: France
Reference: AIC 17/23
Issued: 28-Sep-23, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: French operators should not overfly the OAKX/Kabul FIR below FL320.
From 28/09/2023 and until further notice, pilots in command of aircraft performing air services mentioned in paragraph 1.1 are requested to maintain at all times a flight level above or equal to FL320 in the airspace of Afghanistan (OAKX FIR (KABUL).
Source: USA
Reference: SFAR 119
Issued: 25-Jul-23, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: US operators are now permitted to overfly the OAKX/Kabul FIR at FL320 and above (previously, flights were only allowed on airways P500/G500 in the east of the country).
This action prohibits certain flight operations in the Kabul Flight Information Region (FIR) (OAKX) at altitudes below Flight Level (FL) 320 by all: U.S. air carriers; U.S. commercial operators; persons exercising the privileges of an airman certificate issued by the FAA, except when such persons are operating U.S.-registered aircraft for a foreign air carrier; and operators of U.S.-registered civil aircraft, except when the operator of such aircraft is a foreign air carrier. The FAA finds this action necessary to address hazards to persons and aircraft engaged in such flight operations due to the risk posed by violent extremist and militant activity and the lack of adequate risk mitigation capabilities to counter such activity. However, the FAA has determined that U.S. civil overflights of the Kabul FIR (OAKX) at altitudes at and above FL320 may resume due to diminished risks to U.S. civil aviation operations at those altitudes. This action also provides information regarding the approval and exemption processes for this Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR), consistent with other recently published flight prohibition SFARs.
Source: Italy
Reference: AIC 33/23
Issued: 10-Jul-23, valid until: 05 Oct 2024
Plain English: Italian operators should not enter the OAKX/Kabul FIR, except on airways P500/G500.
National air carriers and captains of acft in charge of air service managed by carriers holders of operating italian issued licence, whether they are contractual carriers and/or de facto carriers, or performing air service with commercial charter agreement or with code sharing and to all flights performed with italian acft registration, are requested to avoid Afghan FIR (OAKX) until further notice rmk: airway P500/G500 not affected.
Source: Canada
Reference: AIC 23/23
Issued: 28-Jul-21, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: Canadian operators should not enter the airspace of Afghanistan except for overflights at or above FL320 on airways P500 and G500, due to the potential risk from extremist and militant activity and limited risk mitigation capabilities.
Level 2 (Recommendation)
SECURITY – HAZARDOUS SITUATION IN AFGHANISTAN. Canadian Air Operators and owners of aircraft registered in Canada are recommended not to enter FIR Kabul (OAKX). Potential risk from extremist and militant activity and limited risk mitigation capabilities. Excluded from this guidance are airways P500 and G500 for transiting overflights at or above flight level FL320.
Source: UK
Issued: 08-Oct-15, valid until: Ongoing
Plain English: UK operators should not enter the OAKX/Kabul FIR below 25,000ft AGL except on airways P500/G500, due to potential risk from anti-aircraft weaponry.
Security - Hazardous Situation in Afghanistan

UK civil air operators are recommended not to enter FIR KABUL (OAKX) below 25,000 FT above ground level (AGL). Potential risk from anti-aircraft weaponry. Excluded from this recommendation are airways P500 and G500 for transiting overflights.

Contact UK Department for Transport +44 (0)207-082 6639 or +44 (0)207-944 3111 out of hours.